The Different Types Of Graphic Design

Different Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design can go from having a creative tone to being more simple but bold. 

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 This is a good example of a unique and creative design made by WWF which was made to try and Help preserve the environment and save animals.

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The all-famous Apple logo is still unique but is a good example of a simple logo, however, it is a very bold logo that stands out and nearly everyone in the world can recognise this logo.

Most famous logos tend to be more simple and quick to see.  They usually stand out and catch the eye. Whereas different designs can range in terms of creativity.

Use Of Graphic Design In Companies

Use of Graphic Design in Everyday Life

Graphic design is used to create logos and other symbols to represent brands and companies. 

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Most successful brand have logos that catch the eye of the customer. This is to draw people in to their brand or store. Something that is bland and boring might not attract the same attention than something which is bold and stands out.  

Most of these logos are created on the computer; digitally.  

Likely programs used: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

Youtube thumbnails

Youtube Thumbnails

Graphic Design can be used anywhere; one example is on YouTube. When someone uploads a video, they have the option to upload a cover photo for their video, or a ‘thumbnail’ as they’re technically called.  

Recently, I’ve made some thumbnails for various clients and here is my favourite example.

This thumbnail is for someone who wanted their in-game model represented on screen and some text showcasing the video title.  

Time Taken – 25 minutes

Programs used – Blender & Photoshop CS6